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Our Goal is to promote peace and healing to the community, the world and to provide charity work wherever needed.

The Nirvana Temple is the real-life dream of Dr. May Trieu, located on St Thomas, USVI overlooking Mandahl Salt Pond.

If you would like to see what the Temple offers, go to "Up Coming Events", to offer your help in the form of your time and financial contributions go to "How To Support Us". To join our emailing list and give us feedback, go to "Contact Us" and fill out our Web Form. To see images and video of the Temple visit our "Image & Video" galleries. Go to "Buddhist History" for a brief explanation of Buddhism.

Dr. May Trieu is an acupuncturist/physician living in St. Thomas island in the United States Virgin Islands in the Caribbeans.

Her dream is coming to its realization: to found the Nirvana Temple which is dedicated to honor her mother's love and compassion and all mothers on earth.  Love and compassion are the fundamentals of our philosophy of Buddhism...
Our plan is to invite skilled mediators and peace makers of international notoriety to offer instruction in the promotion of peace and healing in the community and world.  Short and long term retreats will be organized to promote balance of body, mind and spirit  or spiritual awakening.
Dr. May Trieu's family and herself have been doing  some charity projects in the villages of Phu Tam, south of Viet Nam for the last ten years: building roads, bridges, wells, schools, clinics, temples... they go back there every year.  The Nirvana Temple hopes to take over and continue the charity project but also to extend to different countries and islands in the future .  So far  our temple has helped India , Haiti , ...
Indeed  an huge amount of money is spent for the temple construction : retreat house, guest quarter and temple.  And  our architecture is an unique international style : Chinese, French. Mediterranean, Caribbean... since we are a temple of love and compassion, we want to welcome everyone from every racial and religious background and/or faith. 
Dr. May Trieu is extremely grateful for the great support from her loving family, patients, friends, board members , volunteers and many others.  She is very thankful to those who have allowed her to help them and to the loyal patients.  Anyone or organization who would like to make any monetary and other contribution to our temple will be highly appreciated  always.
Dr. May Trieu is most grateful to her great grandparents for their generous contributions to their community and the world, certainly they have been her primary inspiration, and of course to the teachings of Buddhahood.
At this time, we have meditations classes:  yoga  every Sunday from 5pm to 6:30pm , shanga every Wednesday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm and some other events.  Please check our Events link or  join our email list .


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