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Welcome to The Nirvana Temple

The Nirvana Temple is the real-life dream of Dr. May Trieu, located on St Thomas, USVI overlooking Mandahl Salt Pond. Temple construction began three years ago and is still a work in progress.

If you would like to see what the Temple offers, go to "Up Coming Events", if you would like to offer your help in the form of your time and financial contributions go to "How To Support Us". If you would like to join our mailing list and give us feedback, go to "Contact Us" and fill out our Web Form. If you would like to see images and video of the Temple visit our "Image & Video" gallerys. Go to "Buddhist History" for a brief explanation of Buddhism.

Our Goal: to bring peace and healing to the community, the world and charity work where is needed.

Dedication: to my dearest mother for her love and compassion to all beings in the world.

I, May Trieu, am the youngest child of a family of ten.  I was born in one of the biggest granite mansion in Viet Nam during the war.  Soon my family and I had to leave our country to find freedom.  Then we became political refugees in Belgium where my second oldest brother was doing his college studies.
A new and very different life had begun for us.  First all of us had to cramp in a 700 sq/ft, 3 bedr./1 bathr. appartment. As a little child, I started to comprehend that nothing could be permanent.
I always felt blessed because I always received love, care and compassion from my family and friends.  My mother was (and still is) an exceptional person! Every evening, I enjoyed observing her to spot out what she was doing for us: one nite, she spared her meal for us; another night, she would be eating the chicken skin or sucked on the bones to save the meat for us...many times, I spotted her eating just a bowl of white rice with warm water in so we could have our "full meal"...At school, sometimes my classmates and teachers would bring me some of their old clothes, toys or blankets.  Those were real treats for me.  

As an elementary school age child, I believed in "St. Nicolas", just like all my other classmates.  The Belgian tradition was kids had to put their shoes in front of the entrance door so St. Nicolas would come in the nite to put candies in...(something similar to Santa Claus here). So I certainly did it and the morning after I woke up and ran to my shoes and I found a leave (and I knew that was from the tree downstairs of our building).  I had told my mom that St. Nicolas gave me a leave (not candies). And my mom said " that is a leave of love and compassion meaning forever happiness...the sweet sensation from the candies would have been only for short term happiness... as long as you live, love and compassion, you will be always be happy.  

St. Nicolas loves you"...Truly was I always happy.  My beautiful mother did a wonderful job teaching me and my siblings about love and compassion although our life was quite "restricted" because of our economical situation.  I never felt that I was lacking anything.  My siblings and I got along really well in that little place.  We still are very closed and best friends nowaday.  However we all are pread apart...I am the only member in my family who lives in St. Thomas.
My parents' dream has became true: we all have finished our school and have been serving the world with love and compassion.
Myself, I have became an acupuncturist physician and have had the privilege to serve addicts, the homeless, teenagers and other underserved people in need of care, as well as private patients.
My lifetime dream is coming to its realization: founding the Nirvana Temple which is dedicated to honor my mother's compassion ,and to teach and practice love, compassion and wisdom and of course ,other principles of engaged bouddhism.
I plan to invite skilled mediators and peace makers of international notoriety to offer instruction in the promotion of peace and healing in the community and world.  Short and long terms retreats will be organized to promote balance of body, mind and spirits...
My family and I have doing  some charity projects in the villages of Phu Tam, south of Viet Nam for the last ten years: building roads, bridges, wells, schools, clinics, temples...We go back there every year.  The Nirvana Temple hopes to take over/continue  the projects but also to extend to different countries in the future .
So far we have spend over 2 million dollars for our temple construction : retreat house, guest quarter and temple.  We started 2 years ago and expect to finish of this year.
It is an international style temple: Chinese, French. Mediterranean, Carribbean,...because we want to welcome everyone from any racial and religious backgrounds since we do not workshop any god but love and wisdom.  I am giving 2 thumps up for our project manager who is also our builder and designer, Robert Hoskinson.  
I extremely grateful for the great support from my loving family, friends, members of the temple, volunteers and others.  I am very thankful to those who have allowed me to help them and to my loyal patients.  Anyone or organization who would like to make any monetary and other contributions to our temple will be highly appreciated and needed.
Certainly I mostly grateful to my great grandparents for their generous contributions to their community and the world, and to the teachings of buddhahood.
At this time, we have mindfulness meditation classes on Wednesday 5:30pm to 6:30pm, yoga classes on Sunday 10am to 11:30am and 5pm to 6:30pm. For more events, please check our events link or Facebook status.  Namaste!

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